Bryan D'Alessandro

Why Macguyvor, Mr. Miyagi, & Maca? Firstly, alliteration. Secondly:

  • Macguyver - Creative Problem Solver. Works well under pressure, makes lemons into lemonade– explosive lemonade.
  • Miyagi - I bring a bag of tricks for when times get real: from business coaching, yoga teaching, Aikido martial arts & meditation training.
  • Maca - Keeps the energy high. 

I cut my teeth at Mccann working for a character straight out of Madmen. After 20+ spots, and the same in print and radio (Unilever, Lowe's, MLB, J&J, Wendy's) I was ready to leave the nest.

Growing curious about this 'digital' thing that was happening, I began life on the 'lance- working at boutique agencies, digital shops, and the big boys.

I approach freelancing as special ops. Focused and calm under pressure. Where others stress I thrive, solving tough challenges with a toothpick, banana, and some good ole' American ingenuity.

Throughout that time I studied Film Directing at NYFA, climbed some mountains, got my face featured on a global Pepsi can, destroyed a Malaysian orangutan in a coconut opening contest, and started a couple of companies.

In 2010 I founded The Humans, a values-driven brand development agency. Using a virtual agency model that custom tailors teams to meet the project's needs by sourcing from my wide network.

My most recent entrepreneurial project is United Purpose, a members-based community for purpose-driven people. Think TED and SoHouse's love child.

So if you are up for a little mischief...  Let's blow something up together. | 516 647 3960

Or hit me up on LinkedIn