CREO Smartglass

 Creo hired my purpose-driven branding company, The Humans to bring their Smartglass technology to life.
The goal was to create beautiful cookware with their Smartglass technology which bonded ceramic and glass.

We stepped in at the prototyping phase, guiding design, color selection, and package design. 

PROJECT EXECUTION: Product Development, Strategy, Photography, Package Design



We designed two lines of Smartglass bakeware and nesting bowls for Creo:

1. GREY MATTERS line hit urban dwellers demo like a double-shot of Stumptown Espresso. Matte grey spectrum with signature white pop interior.

2. POP line aimed to appeal to modern foodies that make the kitchen the centerpiece of their home by creating accent pieces they'd proudly display in the kitchen and on the table.



To draw attention to their high-tech materials and quality production we created a signature white interior and designed an ownable manufacturer's mark that harkens back to the original Pyrex.