A community of 1500+ high caliber PEOPLE improving the world around US.

In 2013 I co-founded UP with national security expert Dan Dolgin, and former CGI executive Marilia Bezerra. 

If you ever watched a TED Talk and felt inspired to take action but weren't sure how, UP is the answer.

Our events range from intimate dinners and private screenings to salon discussions and field trips.
We design unforgettable experiences bringing together the top minds, performers, and organic chefs in the most inspiring spaces around NYC.

PROJECT EXECUTION: Business Development, Brand Development, Event Design, Video Production


We've hosted 50+ events including:

  The Power Of Mass-Scale-Movements at Foursquare Offices

•   Film Screening "The Overview Effect" at Redbull Studios NY
with a panel of the Director, two Astronauts, a Futurist, and a Zen Buhddist Priest

•   A Subversive Tour of The Met w/ Museum Hack
Followed by a Victorian Picnic in Central Park

•   Global Family Reunion exploring genealogy w/ Author A.J. Jacobs (Editor at Large for Esquire)

• GEveryone @LRN, crowd-sourced ideas were fed directly to the G8 Summit